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From Maggie's Earth Adventure:

SPECIAL EDITION GAMES CD (dual-language English and Spanish)
Learn the state capitals with "It's a Capital Idea", test your math facts with "Around the World in 80 Seconds" and spelling patterns with "Password Puzzler or Fish 'em Up". On this CD you will find these and 13 other curriculum games on the CD. These games are ideal for the home PC where children have limited access to the internet or in older classrooms which are not on-line. In addition, watch animated cartoons and join Maggie and her friends as they travel the world to learn more about such key environmental issues as over-fishing, air pollution, energy conservation and wildlife habitats.

Maggie's Archived Material
Access approximately 90 classroom- ready activity sheets from lessons in reading comprehension to math; from quotation marks to sentence structure and from Michigan to Mali. Purchase today and we'll send you a special link with your log in and password! But don't delay. This low price will allow you to search, download, print and reproduce this quality educational material from now until July 1st, 2004!

Maggie's Math Mania
Maggie's Math Mania offers 100 pages of reproducible math packets that are sure to engage and challenge your students. As differentiating and integrating are essential goals for teachers today, Maggie's Math Mania is the ideal comprehensive resource that will enable you to accomplish critical educational objectives. The activities in Maggie's Math Mania have been specifically designed to be completed independently. Independence is at times synonymous with calculation yet we at Maggie's Earth Adventures have a strong commitment to problem solving. We encourage students to think mathematically and to explain their thinking. This philosophy allows many of the activities to be used in math journaling as well as to be completed independently.

From Scholastic:

Scholastic Guides: Checking Your Grammar
Marvin Terban (Grades 3–6)
Written in a light, appealing style, this guide is packed with information on parts of speech, spelling rules, punctuation, and much more.

Great Grammar Skill Builders: Ready-to-Go Reproducibles
Linda Ward Beech (Grades 2–3)
Reinforce specific grammar skills with these ready-to-go reproducibles. Students can make a flip book to review sentence structure, read a rebus story to learn to identify nouns, and answer riddles to demonstrate their understanding of verbs.

Also for grades 6–8

Fun With Grammar
Laura Sunley (Grades 4–8)
These 75 classroom-tested games and activities will help your students learn and remember the grammar they need to know. Noun Tic Tac Toe, Adjective Bingo, Adverb Charades, Hinky Pinky Adjectives, Poetic Prepositions, and Verb Detectives are just some of the engaging games and activities sure to make your grammar lessons lively and memorable.

Great Grammar Skill Builders (Grades 2–3)
Offering targeted practice for your 2nd or 3rd class, this lively workbook provides them with an array of skill-building exercises covering everything from parts of speech to punctuation. The activities range from reproducible flip-books to challenging rebus puzzles. An answer key makes it easy for you to support their learning.

Great Grammar Skill Builders: Grades 4–5
Also Great Grammar Skill Builders: Grades 6–8

Scholastic Success With Grammar Workbook

Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6

Help your child build and reinforce grammar skills with this easy-to-use, grade-appropriate resource filled with engaging activities. Includes tons of worksheets for foundational topics such as capitalization, punctuation, subject-verb agreement, contractions, and more.

The Grapes of Math: Mind-Stretching Math Riddles
by Greg Tang (Grades 2–5)
Can math be creative? Absolutely! These number puzzles test kids' ability to use symmetry and number patterns to decipher math problems in their heads. Parents' Guide Children's Media Award-winner.

Hello Reader!® Math Collection: 10 Books (PreK–3)

  • The Soccer Game (Level 1)
  • Monster Math School Time (Level 1)
  • Monster Math Picnic (Level 1)
  • How Many Feet? How Many Tails? (Level 2)
  • The Silly Story of Goldie Locks and the Three Squares (Level 2)
  • What's Up With That Cup? (Level 2)
  • The Fattest, Tallest, Biggest Snowman Ever (Level 3)
  • Bart's Amazing Charts (Level 3)
  • Even Steven and Odd Todd (Level 3)
  • The Case of the Backyard Treasure (Level 4)

Midnight Math: Twelve Terrific Math Games
by Peter Ledwan (Grades 1–3)
In comic-book style, three mouse-like critters have a good time playing math games while the household sleeps. Each game is simple enough for basic arithmetic skills: addition, subtraction, and multiplication, and the games are mildly amusing.

Math Fables
by Greg Tang (Grades 2–5)
Through winsome "fables" about concepts that are relevant to the very youngest math learners — sharing, teamwork, etc. — Greg encourages kids to see the basics of addition and subtraction in entirely new ways. Fresh, fun, and most of all, inspiring, MATH FABLES is perfect for launching young readers on the road to math success!

Everything You Need to Know About Math Homework: Scholastic Homework Reference Series
by Anne Zeman, Kate Kelly (Grades 4–6)
Reflecting school curricula and current textbooks, these guides address frequently asked questions in a ready reference of full-color charts, graphs, lists, diagrams, illustrations, photos, timelines, maps, and more.

Real-Life Math Workbook
(Grades 4–8)
Real Life books are an ideal tool for teaching older students who are learning ESL. These books are sure to keep your students interested and motivated with examples based on real-life situations that they will be eager to master. From how to read a scoreboard to how calculate sales tax.

Amazing Math Puzzles & Mazes: Ready-to-Go Reproducibles
(Grades 6-8)
These irresistible reproducibles reinforce key middle school math topics such as exponents, fractions, decimals, percents, integers, and more.

Activities for Fast Finishers: Math:
by Marc Tyler Nobleman (Grades 4–8)
These ready-to-reproduce activity pages will keep your fast finishers engaged while the rest of your class works. The creative and learning-packed puzzles and brain teasers not only get kids thinking, but also give them practice in math skills.

25 Bilingual Mini-Books: Easy-to-Make Books for Emergent Readers, in English and Spanish
by Jaime Lucero, Helen H. Moore (K-2)
A unique collection of easy-to-make and read mini-books teaches colors, seasons, and so much more. Great for emergent readers in English and Spanish and for ESL.

English/Spanish Collection 2: 20 Books
(Grades 1–3)
Set Includes:

  • Borreguita and the Coyote
  • Borreguita y el coyote
  • Changes, Changes
  • Cambios, cambios
  • Corduroy
  • Corduroy
  • Curious George®
  • Jorge el curioso
  • First Thousand Words in English
  • First Thousand Words in Spanish
  • Henny Penny
  • Pollita chiquita
  • New Shoes for Silvia
  • Zapatos nuevos para Silvia
  • Rain Forest
  • El bosque tropical
  • School Bus
  • El autobús escolar
  • Too Many Tamales
  • ¡Qué montón de tamales!

More Bilingual and ESL products at Scholastic's Teacher Store.

The Magic School Bus: Inside the Earth
by Joanna Cole (Grades K–3)
"Ms. Frizzle, the wackiest, wisest teacher in picture books...returns to teach geology via a field trip to the center of the earth." —Booklist

See-Inside Science Mini-Posters: See-Through Reproducible Mini-Posters That Give an Inside Look at Favorite Science Topics
by Ivy Rutzky (Grades 1–3)
Peek inside a cave, a tulip, the human body, a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a volcano, a tooth, and more! Just color these see-through mini-posters, then hold them up to the light for an X-ray view.

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