Chapter 8: My Life Today

Li Keng and her class in 1962. (Photo courtesy of Li Keng Wong)
I attended the University of California in the fall of 1944, but didn't graduate until 1950 because I took two years off to help in my parents' restaurant. Finally I received my teaching credentials and started my career in an elementary school. I taught for 35 years. I had a wonderful time working with young people. I retired in 1985.

Since my retirement, I decided to write my story, Journey to Gold Mountain, so that I could share my experiences with others. My story has been featured in a documentary film by Disney called The American Tapestry. I speak frequently at schools and civic and community organizations. I love volunteering, for it keeps me young at heart and lets me show my appreciation to the United States for allowing us to come here.

Li Keng and her husband Roger with their children and grandchildren in 2001. (Photo courtesy of Li Keng Wong)

I've had a good life living here. I encounter very little prejudice today. I have many friends that span the color of the rainbow. My life is comfortable and my children are happy in their chosen professions. I live in a multi-ethnic development. All my siblings are successful, law-abiding citizens. We have achieved our American Dream.


What changed between 1948 and today that would make Li Keng encounter less racism today than when she was growing up? For a hint, click here.

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