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The Olympics in Photos

Photo: IOC/Olympic Museum Collections
The 1912 Olympic Games in Stockholm, Sweden, were the most successful since the renewal of the modern Games and helped preserve the Games by restoring their prestige. The most famous athlete in the 1912 Games was the Native American Jim Thorpe (above), who won both the decathlon and pentathlon and finished fifth in the high jump and seventh in the long jump. In presenting Thorpe with his medals, King Gustav V called him "the greatest athlete in the world." It was later found that Thorpe had played minor league baseball for money and therefore was not an amateur. His medals were taken back, and his performances stricken from the record books. Thorpe was reinstated as an amateur by the American Athletic Union in 1973. The IOC officially pardoned Thorpe in 1982 and ordered that his medals be presented to his family.