Formal Assessment Ideas

Olympic Spirit Postcards
For students creating Olympic Spirit Postcards, make sure they print a copy before they email them to their friends and family. Through this printout, you can assess the thought process in making these cards. Were the students, especially younger students, thinking about the previous discussion on the theme of international cooperation or did they just create a pretty picture? You can continue this assessment based on the story written about the postcard. See the rubric below.

It's Greek to Me
The “It's Greek to Me” activity can be graded based on scores and improvement. Students can track how many times they played the game and number the printouts for the games where they win a medal. Check for improvement and retention. You can create a multiple choice quiz of your own through the Teacher Toolkit to reinforce the vocabulary words and spelling.

In My Backyard
The persuasive speech should be graded on content as well as delivery. Students should write clearly organized, well through out speeches, and they should practice these speeches with peers or the teacher for evaluation on delivery. Make sure you listen to the speech at some point in case a speech is not selected for publication. See persuasive speech rubric below.

Newspaper Article
Students in grades 3–5 will be writing a newspaper article based on the current events of the Olympic Games. They will focus on one topic which should be graded based on the rubric below.

Investigative Reporting
Students in grades 6–8+ will be writing an in-depth news article that looks at a topic both in the historic context as well as the current situation. Students should be graded not only on their article but also on their teamwork in creating the class magazine. See rubric below.

Both the newspaper article and the investigative report can be published online through the Writing with Writers: News Writing workshop.

Informal Assessment Ideas

Assess students as they are involved with class discussions and from their filled out KWL and Timeline organizers. Base your assessment on student participation and discussion. Has the student made connections through the activities and the discussions? Has the student filled out the timeline completely and the KWL chart with thoughtful questions with researched answers?

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Writing Rubric:

Use the writing rubric as a way to assess your students' writing skills. This rubric can also serve as a model for a modified version that might include your state's writing standards.

Open Olympic Spirit Postcards Rubic
Open Newspaper Article Rubic
Open Investigative Report Rubic
Open Persuasive Speech Rubic

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