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Lesson 1: Grades 3–4
Lesson 2: Grades 5–6
Lesson 3: Grades 7–Up
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Students get an in-depth look into the African-American experience in this unique online activity. Through interviews, historical sketches, interactives, and the lessons provided in this teacher’s guide, students learn about important individuals, study the civil rights movement and the concept of racism, and explore the history of jazz music. Culture & Change: Black History in America also includes activities that allow students to share their thoughts and feelings about topics discussed.
The various parts of this activity can be used together or independently. Incorporate them into your classroom or computer lab lesson:

  1. The Top Ten African-American Inventors  (Grades 3–4)
  2. Evolution of Black History (Grades 3–Up)
  3. Nominate a Trailblazer (Grades 3–Up)
  4. The History of jazz (Grades 3–Up)
  5. Rosa Parks: How I Fought for Civil Rights (Grades 5–Up)
  6. Integrating Central High: The Melba Pattillo Story  (Grades 5–Up)
By participating in Culture & Change: Black History in America grade-appropriate activities, students will:
  • Gain insight into African-American history from slavery to the civil rights movement
  • Learn about individual people who shaped history by reading their biographies and researching the age in which they lived
  • Understand the causes and effects of the civil rights movement in America
  • Study the history of jazz music to gain awareness of the cultural contributions made by different groups in America
  • Build nonfiction literacy skills as they read Web-based articles for details and use a timeline to obtain information
  • Apply critical thinking skills to answer questions regarding controversial events related to the civil rights movement
  • Hone writing skills through brief essay submissions or grade-appropriate research papers
  • Develop and present an oral report that includes important research points and historical facts