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Nicholas talks to Fire Rocket
by: Nicholas S., Grade: 1

Nicholas: How big are the dinosaurs you eat?

Fire Rocket: As big as I want.

Nicholas: Do you watch movies?

Fire Rocket: Yes I do as a matter of fact I watch Nicholas on tv in Seseme Street.

Nicholas: Do you use cannons to fight?

Fire Rocket: No as a matter of fact I use my claw on my foot. I also use my teeth.

Nicholas: Do you watch digimon?

Fire Rocket: Yes I watch diginon.

Nicholas: what kind of digimon?

Fire Rocket: Digimon with augumon and black war greymon. Also Digimon the movie.

Nicholas: How smart were you when you go attacked?

Fire Rocket: To be exact, 25 million times smarter than the other fat dinosaur. My brain is the right size for my body.

Good bye fire rocket and thank you for this thing. I hope I meet you again soon. Go as fast as lightning.

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