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The Astoroid
by: Alfrtedo R., Grade: 5

Dinosaurs died millions of years ago. The reson the astoroid . The astoroid killed many dinosaurs, but what extinct the dinosaurs was the smoke.

The way the smoke killed the dinosaurs was because it bloked the sun and then tthe plants died and without the plants there was no oxygen and with out oxygen the dinosaurs couldn't breath and then they died.

When the plants died the herbauores dinosaursdied because they needed the plants. When the herbaures died the carnivors died because they needed meet.

The smoke also caused an ice age because there was no sun and it became extreamlly cold. That is how the some of the plants died.

Some of the dinosaurs drowned to death because it began to rain alot. The survivors did not last longbecause there was a meteor shower and it killed the survivor.

Some of the oceancreatures and dinosaurs evoveld into reptials and sharks. That is how the dinosaurs were extinct. It is belived that there is still one dinosaur left. Its name is the Loknes Monster. It lives in the bottom of a lake. We do not know if it is harmful to us. So there still might be a dinosaur left in this planet.

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