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Dinosaur (To the tune of
by: Kiarra C., Grade: 5

Verse 1-

I'm getting a little tired of this jumpin and stompin, lookin at your face, seeing different horns and bumps. Call you when you study hangin with Dimetrodon, hangin with Stegoosaurus, always gets him jealous and jealous.
I was with you when you didn't have no horns, no horns.
Hangin at thr tree, chillin with your mooma, your momma.
Never thought you would ever bring the drama, the drama.
Now you flipped the script dinosaur, please.


No, I'm not a Tyrannosaurus Rex, stomp it again, roar it again, oh!
No I'm not a Tryannosaurus Rex, you are but I'm not.

You are but I'm not, not.
You stomp, but I won't, won't.
Dinosaur, Dinosaur,
baby you better stomp it right.

I do but I can't, can't be like you, you.
Dinosaur, dinosaur,
baby you better stomp it, right.

Verse 2-

I just want to know why you are a meat-eating dinosaur.
But I already know that your more than 14 m long.
When are you going to see that your bigger than a whale.
I'm tired and I'm through with your teeth, 15 cm long.

Dinosaur, dinoosaur
baby you better stomp it right.
Stomp it right.

I do, but I can't, can't.
Be like you, be like you, you.

Dinosaur, dinosaur

Baby you better stomp it right.

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