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Dinosoar presentation and poem
by: Yaseen M., Grade: 6+

Millions and millions of years ago big scary creaters ruled the earth they were called dinosoars.

dinosoars lived in 5 diffrent countries Africa USA china and canada diffrent dinosoars lived in diffrent places.Dinosoars are all diffrent and they all lived 230 million years ago, and suddenly washed out.

When did dinosoars start to get extinct?
During the 125th million year Dinosoars suddenly vanished and nobody not even scientists know why.

What they eat:
dinosoars were reptiles some eat meat and some ate meat and some ate plants and tree leafs.

how large and how small they were
in those days the largest of them dinosoars was a 100feet and 30mm and up to 15feet and 15m.The smallest dinosoar was about the size of a chicken.

what does the name dinosoar mean?
the name dinosoar comes from the term dinosoaria which means terrible lizards.

short poem:
some were big
some were small
some were rich
some were poor
some had 2 legs some had 4
dinosoars lived 230years ago

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