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A MotorcycleTrick
by: Benny E., Grade: 6+

A MotorcycleTrick
Rex: Hi my name is Rex.
Benny: Hi Iím going to my dadís house to ride a motorcycle
Rex: Motorcycles are so boring come and have some real fun with me!
Benny: I donít know, I might get in trouble!
Rex: Come on it will be fun, we will go to the Paintball Park weíll have a great time.
Benny: Fine, let me see if my mom is gone, and I have to tell my dad I donít want to go riding the motorcycle.

Rex: Iíll be waiting.

Benny: Ok my mom is gone and myÖ Rex, Rex .
Vroom, Vroom, Scrrrrt.

Rex: Ride to live and live to ride!

Get back here Rex.

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