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Ptheresa: Meet the Characters
by: Ruthie F., Grade: 3

PTHERESA: A character-rich young orphan pteranodon (ter-ANN-uh-don).

FLAPPY: One of Ptheresa’s sisters, a crystalbird beautiful inside and out.

FLITTER: The other one of Ptheresa’s sisters, a fluttering cutie.

LITTLEWING: One of Ptheresa’s pteranodon friends, a golden-hearted beauty.

SPIKY: An orphan stegosaurus (steg-uh-SORE-us) adopted by Littlewing.

BRIDGET: Another one of Ptheresa’s friends, a shy but sweet pteranodon.

KERRY: Bridget’s sister, a sweet and small pteranodon.
MITCHELL: A nice, intelligent rhamphotinkosaur (ram-fuh-TINK-uh-sore), one of Ptheresa’s friends.

CARRIE: A pteranodon across the Purple Waters.

QUETZY: A quirky quetzocoatlus (ket-suh-QUAT-uh-lus), Carrie’s sister.

PTEROSO: Ptheresa's cousin, the pteranodon who usually gets Ptheresa and her cousins into all the trouble.

MATILDA: A pretty and fun giganotosaurus (jig-uh-NOTE-uh-SORE-us), A friendly sharp tooth.

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