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by: DANIEL J., Grade: 6+

Dinosaurs had varied diets some hardly ate, and some ate a lot.
The diets of dinosaurs were split into 3 groups, Carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores.
The carnivores were obviously animals that carniged other animals, so they're meat eaters.
Herbivores ate plants, but only onrs that didn't flower.
Finally the omnivores, they ate both meat and plants so they had a balanced diet.

T-rex was a carnivore and ate equivelant to 12 cows a week. that's a lot of beef.

Dinosaurs like triceritops and stegasaurus they were herbivores.

After fossils have been found the easiest way to find out their diet is to look at their teeth.
because T-rex had large pointed teeth he must have been a meet eater because his teeth were made to tear at flesh.
And the dinosaurs with flat teeth were made to eat plants cause their teeth would crush the plants

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