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It's so real
by: Kayla L., Grade: 6+

Before my glassy eyes I shield,
A creature crouched on his heels,
It's breath atrocious and smelt of kill,
It waits, waits...

It stands ferm, eyes glared at me,
Night has come to haunt us,
My eyes ease open...
And oh what a sight did I see!

Tallest creature, though not so frail,
Gazes down upon thee,
Blood shot eyes with a ragid tail,
Its hight out climbs a simple tree.

It breath is warm, creating breeze,
It's skin is rough to touch,
It's feet are seen with quit ease,
It claws shimmer clutched.

My fear is chased away with a glance,
The T-rex stands taller than man himself,
Though its eyes locked as if in a trance,
It's so real, so real...

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