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The view of one's desteny
by: Michelle A., Grade: 6+

The raptor snarled and tore a piece of fresk flesh from it's prey, the salmon, whom traveled this time of year up the muddy rivers. Raptor looked over at the sound of buzzing dragonflies. There was nothing to worry, another day as it seemed through raptor's eyes, yet miles away, the ground shook violently, the meteor has hit off of Mexico.

Raptor ignores the deafening calls of the sauropods less than a mile away. Yet in the air, the sent of dust and rock caused Raptor to sneeze. The ground shook emensly, the trees fell over, Raptor slowly ran from the dangerous creek, it stomach full of fish, slower and slower did he go as it's energy wore off. The cloud of rock showed over the hill, sauropods scrampled off the peak, yet nothing escaped the path, it gobbled the herd up like as if it was a tyrannosaur feeding on a guppy. Raptor's eyes shook red as nearby volcanos spwed open, it was only seconds before he would also be eaten by the rock clouds.

The end of Raptor, yet many others lived on for a while on the other side of earth. Scipionyx tryed to swollow whole a grasshopper, yet as it seemed, the ground shook and more or less, has the cloud entered China. Going faster than a speeding ichtyosaur, it whiped out even the flying pterosaurs. Waves taller than 6 redwood trees hit the forest, Scipionya and his family were no more.

From space, no more than an event that happens to all other planets. To the dinosaurs, death. Yet when the cloud cleared, their cousins, their decendents hopped from the maple tree and spread it's wings, the birds still live on.

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