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by: Lee R., Grade: 3


Today is a school day.I was kinda enjoying my weekend off.I was so mad that when I got to school,I ate the lunch lady.I didn't like her anyways.I know,it's not nice.But what could I do?She was delish.All her was dreadful.I mean,I'm a carnivore.Not a herbivore.So I guess you can tell that she gave me broccoli with a side of spinach.Anyways,I got detention for it.Bummer.I was really looking forward to going to my friend's house.Well,enough about my hard day.I'm Tyrex.My friend is a girl and I like to hang out with her.Don't judge me or I'll eat you up in a snap.And my teacher is a Tyrex torturer!He made me write a 50 page essay!Bummer,man.By golly,it was a suprise I didn't get to sleep.I worked on it all night,dawg!I finally managed to finished it though.


Mr.Sour...Mr.Sour....Mr.Sour.....that's what I call my teacher.I got a two on my essay!Man,I worked on it all night but this is what I got.Man,being a T-rex is hard.But I'm gonna enjoy it while it lasts.I heard there's a meteor coming in about 50 years.But it'll be a long time until that.This time,diary,you better reply.Or I'll chomp you off like err,umm,ehh,well,a thing that chomps diaries off!

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