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Who needs paleontologists?
by: Thalia B., Grade: 3

Legend has it that futabasaurus was a good swimmer, and the t-rex had razor sharp teeth. They also say that the triceratops had three horns on its head and that it had flat feet.

Well, do they? I think the futabasaurus had flippers to swim, or at least that's what the legends say. And did the t-rex really have short arms? Even though it shows as such on its skeleton, I think the t-rex just acted like a little sweetheart, and that those tiny arms were just its little legs!

And did the triceratops really have three horns and flat feet? I think the triceratopsí horns were just three little bumps to hold its three very smart brains! Because its whole brain was too big to fit inside of its head! And its little flat feet? There were only two flat feet in the back so it could defend its babies and protect itself by kicking and stomping its predators. And in the front, it had fat feet just like a tyrannosaurus rex!

Seeing that all of these facts about dinosaurs are wrong*, who needs paleontologists?! Well, I say the futabasaurus did not have flippers to swim, but that he was just a good swimmer! And that those flipper skeletons were just his feet.

*Caution: The T-Rex really did have short arms. The triceratops really did have flat feet (back and front). Finally, the futabasaurus seriously did have flippers.

PS. We do need paleontologists!

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