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Dinosaur Time Travel
by: Braydon F., Grade: 6+

“Hello” our teacher said. “Today we are going to go back in time, to the dinosaur period.” We all stared at him as if he was crazy! Suddenly, there was a loud whizzing sound and we were in the jungle.

“Okay, now that we are here we are going to find a T-REX”. We felt our hearts pump as a loud banging sound came closer and closer, until a T-REX came around the corner and stared at us. “I met this one a year ago, he’s five point six meters tall and weighs six thousand kilograms.”

Everybody’s heart pounded as the T-REX came closer. “He lived sixty seven million years ago, and he is a very intelligent Dinosaur.”

“Who wants to pat him first?” We looked at our teacher then back at the T-REX. “S…S…Sir wouldn’t that be dangerous?” said Bill, “It would, but I tamed him when we met, he’s perfectly safe,” our teacher replied.

“I volunteer!” Bill stood up and walked towards the T-REX. He touched its leg and it just stood there, looking down at him. After we all had a turn we heard the whizzing sound and there we were, back in the classroom. Wow! We couldn’t believe we looked into the eyes of a T-REX and touched its leg! It seems as if it was a dream.

“See you tomorrow class, we will be looking at how man evolved into what we are now.”

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