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The Dino Day
by: Matthew F., Grade: 3

“Hello class”. “Good morning Mrs. Nulty.” The children sang in a boring voice all thinking that it’s going to be another boring science lesson.

“Today we are investigating dinosaurs! You will all see a headset on your table. Please put them on.” The children put them on.

Suddenly they all appeared in a huge jungle. A massive dinosaur walked towards them. All the children panicked. Ralph almost fainted.

Mrs. Nulty said, “This is the Anatosaurus. He has hundreds of teeth and as you can see, sharp spikes on his back. Now, who would like to pat him?” Nobody raised their hand. “Don’t worry.” He’s an herbivore! So everybody lined up to pat him. Danny said, “How do we go back?” Just close your eyes and count to three.

After they got back, Danny looked at his teacher and she smiled at him.

The End

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