What the Dinosaurs Saw
by Miriam Shlein; Illustrated by Carol Shwartz

Go back in time and see the world through a dinosaur's eyes.

Dinosaurs' Christmas
by Liza Donnelly

Rex and his dog, Bones, set out to save Christmas — with a little help from their dinosaur friends.

Fluffy Meets the Dinosaurs
by Kate McMullan; Illustrated by Mavis Smith

When Fluffy learns the class is visiting a dinosaur museum, he sneaks into Wade's lunch bag and joins the fun! But when a tour guide at the museum calls Fluffy a cavy — a cowardly animal that's related to mice and rats — Fluffy is outraged.

The Magic School Bus: In the Time of the Dinosaurs
by Joanna Cole; Illustrated by Bruce Degen

Join the Friz and the Magic School Bus kids as they travel back in time to the Age of the Dinosaurs.

How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?
by Jane Yolen; Illustrated by Mark Teague

In this bedtime book, parents are ready to put their kids to bed — but these youngsters just happen to be dinosaurs! Click here to find out more about this book.

Dinosaurs to Dodos: An Encyclopedia of Extinct Animals
by Don Lessem; Illustrated by Jan Sovac

This book of extinct animals covers the animals themselves, how they became extinct, and brief highlight of animals that face extinction today.

An Alphabet of Dinosaurs
by Peter Dodson; Illustrated by Wayne D. Barlowe

This picture book presents 26 illustrated, active dinosaurs in an ABC format.

The Field Mouse and the Dinosaur Named Sue
by Jan Wahl; Illustrated by Bob Doucet

For as long as he can remember, the Field Mouse has lived beneath a bone in the North Dakota hills — until his home is found to be part of the largest, most complete T. rex fossil ever found! The Mouse falls into a crate and winds up in the Field Museum of Chicago.

First Discovery Book

Young readers can find out about dinosaurs as they read the text and observe the clear illustrations in this book.