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Professional articles and fact pages feature "all-about" information on dinosaurs and fossils.

Dinosaur Roar!
Henrietta Strickland , Paul Strickland

Dinosaur devotees will delight in acting out the opposites they learn from the rhythmic, rhyming text. Beautiful and colorful illustrations fully engage a child's senses and imagination. IRA Children's Choice

Grades PreK–1
Paperback, 32 pages
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Gallimard Jeunesse , Scott Steedman

Broaden the young reader's understanding and appreciation of the world of dinosaurs.
From David Salariya, the creator of the Timelines and X-Ray Picture Books, comes the Worldwise series.

Grades K–3
Paperback, 32 pages
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How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?
Jane Yolen

Every sleepy little dinosaur will recognize the tricks of the trade in these bedtime shenanigans, as a variety of human mothers and fathers try to put their dinosaur children to bed.
"A delight from start to finish." — Booklist

Grades PreK–2
Paperback, 32 pages
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Dinosaurs Collection

Contains: • Dinosaur Bob • Dinosaur Roar!
• Dinosaur Story • Dinosaurs
• Dinosaurs Before Dark • Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs
• How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night? • The Magic School Bus in the Time of the Dinosaurs
• Sammy and the Dinosaurs • Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp

Grades K–3
Paperback Collection
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Did Dinosaurs Live in Your Backyard?
Questions and Answers About Dinosaurs

Melvin Berger , Gilda Berger

Developed specifically for second and third graders, this easy-to-follow book answers simple and complex questions about dinosaurs. Clear explanations and lively illustrations help children understand the world and get up close to the creatures in it.

Grades 2–3
Paperback, 48 pages
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Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp
Carol Diggory Shields

An eclectic group of enthusiastic dinosaurs make a stampede to a raucous romp called the Dinosaur Stomp in this free-wheeling rhyming celebration. Contains the big book and the teaching guide.

Grades 2–3
Big Book Collection
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Magic Tree House #1 Dinosaurs Before Dark
Mary Pope Osborne

This is the first in the Magic Tree House series, where Jack and Annie are transported from their treehouse into the prehistoric past.

Grades 1–4
Paperback, 80 pages
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Dinosaur Bob and His Adventures With the Family Lazardo
by William Joyce

Art, adventure, and song blend together to describe a family's return from Africa with a rare dinosaur in tow. Fun illustrations mark an imaginative and detailed adventure story.

Grades PreK– 3
HarperCollins Juvenile Books
ISBN: 0060210745

Audio Cassette
ISBN: 0694700592

Ultimate Dinosaur Book
by David Lambert, John H. Ostrom

Working with the Natural History Museum in London, publisher Dorling Kindersley has assembled hundreds of color photos, diagrams, and drawings. Beginning with straightforward sections on evolution and dinosaur behavior and physiology, the book launches into impressive, illustrated profiles of more than 50 different dinosaurs. One of the book's most useful features is its "A to Z of Dinosaurs." This comprehensive list includes every dinosaur genera known up to 1993, with a pronunciation guide and short description.

All Grades
192 pages
DK Publishing
ISBN: 156458304X

Eyewitness: Dinosaur
by David Norman and Angela C. Milner
Illustrated by Colin Keates

The ever-popular dinosaur is presented in a book with outstanding color photographs. The arrangement is, in general, by body part rather than chronological or developmental. Includes instructions on how to find and care for fossils.

Grades 4 and Up
64 pages
DK Publishing
ISBN: 078945808X

Walking with Dinosaurs: A Natural History
Tim Haines

The companion volume to the BBC/Discovery Channel series, Walking with Dinosaurs reads like a cross between a National Geographic article and the script from one of Disney's True Life Adventures films. Scenes from the daily lives of various animals illuminate the changes in flora and fauna that occurred during the Mesozoic era. (For an online interactive version, refer to Web sites.)

All Grades
288 pages
DK Publishing
ISBN: 0789451875

If Dinosaurs Were Alive Today
Students use their imagination to write short pieces about dinosaurs.
Grades 3–5

The Busasaurus: The Magic School Bus
Students learn to make the connection between wind and air.
Grades K–2

It's a Whatsasaurus???
Students create and name imaginary dinosaurs.
Grades 3–5

Research online information to answer questions on the fossil stone amber.
Grades 6–8

BBC Online: Dinosaurs

Well-constructed interactive dinosaur site based on the British TV series Walking With Dinosaurs. Includes timeline, fact files, a visitor's forum, and some of the latest information on what's going in the world of dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs! Honolulu Community College
This is a unique, free, permanent exhibit of dinosaur fossils available for public viewing. These "fossils" are replicas from the originals at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, which boasts one of the finest and largest collections of dinosaur fossils in the world. Includes photos and information in audiophiles on triceratops, tyrannosaurus rex, stegosaurus, iguanadon, deinonychus, and hypselosaurus.

Dinosaur Fact and Fiction
Find lots of answers to those burning questions about dinosaurs, such as: When did dinosaurs first appear on Earth? Visit this site for information on some of the questions students will have as they work through the project.

Dinosaur Links
Several categories of dozens of dinosaur-related information on the Internet are housed in this small site. Also includes a forum.

Discovering Dinosaurs
Beautiful site includes an activity guide and state-of-the-art Web technology. This site gives users a historical perspective on dinosaur knowledge. As students navigate through a grid-like time line full of links, they see how information on dinosaurs developed and changed — right up to the present day.

Mac Download: Dinosaur Lesson Plans
This is a collection of unit study lesson plans for grades K–5. There are over 20 activities, including decorating a bulletin board, making books, artwork, names of dinosaurs, and digging for bones. There is also a reference area, information on clip art, and tips for where to find more information.

Another Portal of Web links to great dinosaur lesson plans.

Zoom Dinosaurs
A comprehensive online hypertext book about dinosaurs, designed for students of all ages and levels of comprehension. It has an easy-to-use structure that allows readers to start at a basic level on each topic, and then progress to more advanced information.