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Decisions, Decisions: On the Campaign Trail: 1 computer license
The next election is right around the corner. Are your students ready? This simulation puts your class right in the thick of a presidential election. Role-playing a bold third party candidate, they rocket into the limelight and are immediately pressed for their positions on everything from the economy to health care to crime. Every move is critical!

Your class will also get a thorough grounding in the electoral process, party politics, campaign finance, the role of PACS and the press -- from the inside. No other materials compare!Topics covered:

Presidential Elections
Liberal vs. Conservative Policies
Party Politics
Grades 5 10
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Decisions, Decisions: Town Government: 1 computer license
When the residents of a small American town face a large and unforeseen dilemma, how do they resolve the problem? Decisions, Decisions: Town Government transports students into the middle of a typical town conflict.

The dynamics of local government reveal themselves at every twist and turn of the story. In the process, students learn about town meetings, town services, the structure of local governments, and the rights and responsibilities of local residents. They also discover how much authority rests in the hands of the mayor, government committees, and residents.

Topics covered:

• Local Government
• Civic Responsibility
• Citizenship
• Democracy

Grades 5 - 10
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Candidates, Campaigns, & Elections: Projects * Activities * Literature Links
by  Mary  Oates  Johnson ,  Linda  Scher
Fully revised and updated! Get students excited about elections with these engaging activities. Through role-playing, interviewing, debating, and graphing, students will learn how our government is organized and how politicians present themselves and the media portrays them. Includes literature links, primary sources, and maps and charts for tracking results, plus a colorful poster.

Grades 4 8
Paperback, 80 pp.
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Guided Reading Set: Level W - You Want Women to Vote, Lizzie Stanton!: 6 Book Set

Set Includes
You Want the Women to Vote
Lizzie Stanton?
Grades 5 6
Paperback Collection
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Internet Activities: Government in the Making Series: 3 books
Stand these sturdy folders up next to your classroom computer! Here are all the Web resources you and your students need to explore the Bill of Rights, the Boston Tea Party, and Washington, D.C.
Inside, you'll find background information, an Internet scavenger hunt, reproducible worksheet, and more Web-based activities.
The activities are designed to help your students develop critical-thinking skills and build their Internet-research skills. Ideal for independent learning!
Grades 4 8
Paperback Collection
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So You Want to Be President?
by  Judith  St.  George ,  David  Small (Illustrator)
Author St. George and Caldecott Honor-winning illustrator David Small offer a spiffy presidential history with comparisons and contrasts: most popular names, log cabin origins, backgrounds, musical abilities, and personalities. Presidential hobbies, sports, virtues, and vices all get a tongue-in-cheek airing in a book about the presidency that's serious fun.

Appended are a list of personages featured in the illustrations, brief biographical sketches of the presidents in chronological order, and a short bibliography. "Historical tidbits in an attractive buffet." --Horn Book

Grades 1 - 4
Paperback,56 pp.
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