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Imagine you’re part of an exploration team. After many days at sea, your team has just docked at the Galápagos Islands -- and you’re faced with a mystery.

Your challenge: Use your keen senses to observe your surroundings.
Collect the Clues
Can you find the mystery creature?
Do you know how animals adapt to their environment?
Biology (bye-ol-uh-jee)
The scientific study of living things

Botany (bot-uh-nee)
The scientific study of plants

Environment (en-vye-ruhn-muhnt)
1. All the things that influence an organism’s life
2. The natural world of the land, sea, and air

Galápagos (ga-la-pa-gohs)
A group of islands in the Pacific Ocean west of Ecuador, famous for Charles Darwin’s visit in 1835 and the large number of rare animals that live there

Zoology (zoh-ol-uh-jee)
The scientific study of animals


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