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Abingdon Island

(also known as Pinta Island)

East Pinta


  • 60 square kilometers or about 23 square miles

Geographic features include:

  • Northernmost of the Galápagos Islands

  • Rocky, rugged landscape

  • Lots of black volcanic rock

  • Original home of Lonesome George: the last living tortoise of the Geochelone
    nigra abingdoni species
    . It is possible other tortoises may still live on
    this rocky island.

Plants include:

  • Brushy thickets

  • Cacti

Animals include:

  • Fur seals

  • Marine iguanas

  • Sparrow hawks

  • Split-tailed gulls

  • Swallow-tailed gulls

  • Goats

  • Pigs

  • Donkeys

(Photo: © Mark Kurz of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)

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