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Have a Problem? Call a Bug!
Many insects are helpful, including the praying mantis, maggots, crickets, and the carrion beetle.
Van Neistat 

PROBLEM: Mosquitoes and other bugs are driving you crazy!

BUG: Praying mantis

HUH? When it comes to snagging flies, mosquitoes, or other pests, this mantis has the moves. Its front legs shoot out fast enough to snatch a bug in the time it takes you to blink!

Some gardeners put praying mantis eggs in their gardens. Hundreds of small mantids (plural of mantis) hatch and hundreds of plant eating bugs go down the hatch! When all the pests are gone, the mantids fly off to another spot for an all-you-caneat bug buffet.

Gardeners also buy ladybugs and other environmentally friendly pest killers. They're much quieter than bug zappers!

PROBLEM: You didn't clean a cut, and now it's badly infected.

RESCUE BUG: Maggots (newly-hatched flies-or fly larvae-that have worm-like bodies)

HUH? Like all babies, maggots need lots of food so they can grow up. A maggot's favorite treat: rotten or infected flesh.

Before they had powerful medicines, some doctors used maggots to cure infections. Today, some infection-causing bacteria are too strong for medicines to clear up. So a few doctors are putting fly larvae back to work.

Doctors place up to 800 of the rice-sized critters on a wound. The maggots ooze out chemicals that turn the infected flesh to liquid, and slurp it up.

Presto: No more infection!
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