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Eric A. from Missouri is the Name-a-Bug-Challenge Winner!

Dr. Toby Schuh from the American Museum of Natural History selected the winning name from hundreds of entries. The bug Aurantiocoris cuneothinctus will now be known as:

Sunset Bug

Eric A. explains, "Because it has all the colors of the sun setting."
Scientific Name: Aurantiocoris Cuneotinctus
• This pretty orange and red plant bug is named for a part of its wing, the cuneus.
• They’re usually found in mountainous areas.
• They like to eat the plant Holly Leaf Mountain Lilac.
• These true bugs are native to Canada and Western United States.

(Photo © Schuh & Schwartz 2004)

Runner Up Names
Witchbug by Ryan R., 13, Washington
Holly Hunter by Elizabeth B., 12, Illinois
Gollop by John W., 17, South Dakota
Mountain Owl Bug by Alex P., 9, Illinois
Trirouge by Char B., 10, Missouri
Pretty Tomato by Gina M., 11, Florida
Orange Slice by Emily and Anna M., Alabama

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