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Kids Vote on the Environment: All Results

See how thousands of kids like you voted on today's top environmental issues. Click on each tab to explore all the issues. What do you think about the results? Sound off on our Save the Planet message board.

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  • Pollution
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The Big Picture

Which of the following is the most important environmental issue facing the world today?

  • 14% Water resources
  • 15% Energy resources
  • 16% Wildlife conservation
  • 55% Global climate change

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What's your biggest environmental concern about ocean life?

  • 20% Global warming
  • 15% Over-fishing
  • 58% Pollution
  • 7% Ship and boat traffic

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Global Warming

How would you rate the response to the environmental challenge posed by global warming?

  • 11% A+ — Great! I think we'll solve this problem soon.
  • 13% B — OK, but we could do even better.
  • 37% C- — Needs improvement. This is a serious issue.
  • 39% F — Awful! Much more needs to be done.

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Coral Reefs

What should be done to protect the ocean's coral reefs?

  • 59% Stop pollution that's killing reef animals.
  • 11% Reduce over-fishing that's damaging the reef's ecosystem.
  • 14% Address global warming! Rising temperatures are a major threat.
  • 16% Stop cutting down rainforests to keep soil from running into the ocean and damaging the reefs.

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Alternative Energy

What do you think is the most promising alternative energy resource?

  • 7% Nuclear Power
  • 52% Solar Power
  • 23% Hydroelectric
  • 18% None. I think we should just focus on reducing use of the remaining oil and coal.

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Alternative Energy: 52% of kids say solar power most promising.

Reversing Global Warming

What are you willing to do to stop global warming?

  • 7% Nothing. I don't think it's a huge problem.
  • 11% Recycle my bottles and cans, but that's it.
  • 46% Recycle and change some habits, such as walking or riding my bike, switching to efficient light bulbs, and turning lights off.
  • 36% Whatever it takes: I'm ready to volunteer my time and turn my school green.

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Climate Change

How important is global climate change?

  • 54% Extremely important! It's one of my top issues.
  • 29% It's a concern, but other issues are more important to me.
  • 15% I don't know enough about it to say.
  • 2% Not important at all. It's not a big deal.

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Air Pollution

How do you rank the importance of reducing air pollution?

  • 61% Extremely important — the air we breathe is my top concern.
  • 30% Somewhat important because it's connected to global warming.
  • 5% Slightly important, but we need to deal with other stuff first.
  • 4% It's not a priority for me at all.

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Polar Bears

How concerned are you that polar bears are at high risk for extinction?

  • 59% Extremely! We must save the polar bears.
  • 10% It's a concern, but other animals are at even higher risk.
  • 4% I'm more concerned about global warming in general.
  • 27% Who needs polar bears? Not me.

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