Science Explorations


Lonesome George is the last of his kind.

These plants and animals may be on their way to extinction.

What might happen if you took animals out of their natural habitat and brought them to a new environment where they did not naturally occur?

See how this Galápagos dweller has adapted to survive.

Will you go extinct? Print and play this board game to find out.

Today species are becoming extinct faster than ever.

Explore a world at risk and learn what you can do to help.

Watch and learn: What characteristics does this animal possess?

Look and learn: Every year, more and more people visit the Galápagos Islands.

A historic South American cruise led to groundbreaking findings about the wild kingdom.

Look and learn: What makes this animal group unique?

Take a closer look at a couple of crocodilians.

What might be the cause of a two-headed turtle?

Learn about one research team's race to identify more than 100 frog species.

How can we keep the leatherback turtle from becoming extinct?


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