Science Explorations


Investigate one way people are changing how they travel.

What might happen if you took animals out of their natural habitat and brought them to a new environment where they did not naturally occur?

Find out why biodiversity is so important to our planet — and what you can do to help protect it.

Look and learn: How do farmers get help from a friendly beetle?

Find out what critters like maggots and praying mantises can do for you.

A world without insects would be a very different place.

Is the sky falling?

Check out the world's longest coral formation in Australia.

Read about jellyfish, hydras, corals, sea wasps, and sea anemones.

These animals are members of a group of ocean invertebrates called cephalopods.

What makes a mollusk?

What does it take to be a squid?

What makes a cave the perfect home for some bats?

What can caves' strange creatures, odd formations, and oozing slime reveal?


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