Science Explorations


How do explorers reach the bottom of the sea?

Why do things float?

Several hundred thousand kinds of plants and animals live in the ocean.

Deep-sea vents create cozy homes for some of Earth's weirdest life forms.

Scientists have finally proven the existence of giant waves.

Look and learn: Until now, scientists thought the brittlestar was blind.

Each of the octopus's arms has its own complex nervous system.

Why do whales sing?

The Hawaiian bobtail squid has an organ in its belly that works like a flashlight.

Learn more about Oceans at the American Museum of Natural History.

Discover the depths of ocean life.

Check out the world's longest coral formation in Australia.

Dolphins and sea lions have been trained to clear explosives from the water.

Read about jellyfish, hydras, corals, sea wasps, and sea anemones.

These animals are members of a group of ocean invertebrates called cephalopods.

What makes a mollusk?

What does it take to be a squid?


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