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For more than 140 years, scientists have been on a quest to spy a giant squid in its deep ocean habitat. The wait is over: Researchers have snapped photos of one of these enormous creatures alive.

Photo of giant squidTo locate the behemoth, a team of Japanese scientists zeroed in on a region in the Pacific Ocean that's popular with sperm whales-animals that feast on giant squid. There, they lowered a baited line deep into the water with an attached video camera. "Not only did the squid go for the bait, but it got tangled in the line," says Neil Landman, a giant-squid expert from the American Museum of Natural History in New York. "So they got hours' worth of photos."

But Landman says the series of 500 snapshots won't solve all the mysteries of this elusive creature. "They only raise more questions," he says.

(Photo Credit: @ AP Photo/HO, National Science Museum)
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