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Meet Shauneen Giudice

Shauneen joined us for a live interview on February 22, 12–1 E.T. Click here for a transcript of that interview.

Shauneen Giudice teaches seventh grade science at Delmar Middle and Senior High School in Delmar, Delaware, located on the Maryland-Delaware border. Science doesn't stop with the classroom for Shauneen's students. Her students are transforming a storm water drainage pond into a wildlife habitat. Each year, they raise money for this project and hold an annual planting day. They also teach environmental lessons to younger students in the nearby elementary school. Last year, seventh graders also hosted field trips for elementary kids in which they set up outdoor activities around the pond. Science continues into the summer for some students who participate as summer field research apprentices in nearby wildlife reserves.

Summers are also a time for family, travel, and science for Shauneen. As an Earthwatch teacher, she sampled pine trees in the northern Cascades and aquatic invertebrates in Brazil. As a "Teacher-at-Sea," she helped survey fish and shrimp from aboard a research vessel in the Gulf of Mexico. Family camping trips have taken Shauneen with her husband and three children from the Smokey Mountains, Georgia, to the Adirondacks, New York. Their favorite trip was canoeing through seven small lakes in Algonquin Park, Canada. Between trips, her 12-year-old son often accompanies her to teacher workshops throughout the state of Delaware!

Last year, Shauneen received recognition as "A Teacher Who Makes a Difference" from TV Channel 47 for the Junior Earthwatch program. She welcomes the challenge each year of finding new projects for the kids, new ideas for her classroom, and new grants to fund them.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Shauneen Giudice/Earthwatch Institute



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