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Earthwatch and Scholastic Explorers are going to Brazil to study river otters in an endangered ecosystem. This time, our expedition not only includes scientists and teachers but students like you! A team of 11th and 12th grade students from Hudson High School is traveling to Brazil's Pantanal to study the behavior and habitats of river otters. When in Brazil, they will also collect information about other mammals and their food sources. As you follow this expedition, you will explore the world's largest wetlands through the students' reports and photos from the field. You will see firsthand the incredible concentration of animals that this unique ecosystem supports.

  • Learn about Pantanal ecosystems and the critical importance of wetlands.
  • Learn about the ecology of the giant river otter and threats to its habitat.
  • Learn about the diversity and interconnectedness of plants and animals.
  • Learn about Earthwatch's research and why scientific study of natural populations is important.
  • Do your own research on ecosystems.