What do you think of the great computer work station?
Shore Team

Hi there,

Today is our first work day. It was cloudy and windy, but Cindy and Amy decided that we should give tracking both from the boat and on shore a go. The weather in Kaikoura changes very quickly.

We drew names to see which of the volunteers would go on the boat. Monique and I drew the shore team. We went to a water tower site first just in case the weather changed suddenly. The rest of the team went out on the boat to see if they could find a group of dolphins off shore.

We have to carry the equipment to the site — a computer, the theodolite (surveyor's instrument), binoculars, boxes as well as our own packs and lunch! Cindy always sets up and uses the theodolite while we do the rest.

Cindy and I scanning the sea for dolphins. The theodolite is set up behind us.
Monique and I had the job of looking for the dolphins and putting the data into the computer. It was really cold and windy up there.

We found a group of dolphins and watched the tourist boats arrive and some of the swimmers in the water with the dolphins. The dolphins seemed quite happy to swim with the people.

I managed to put the information into the computer showing the number of dolphins, the weather, the boats, and what the dolphins and the people were doing. The dolphins moved away out of sight so we packed up all the gear and went back to the house. All the equipment we used had to be cleaned carefully to remove salt spray as this would damage it. The end of a great day! I hope I get to go out in the boat tomorrow.