Dolphins swimming around the boat. This one has its fin ready for a photo.
Photographing Dolphins

FOG AGAIN. It was really thick and no breeze to clear it away.

I walked into town to visit the little museum but in the afternoon we managed to get out in the boat for two hours with Cindy at the helm and taking photos. We take lots of photos in order to work on dolphin fin identifications which I will talk more about later.

We had no trouble finding several small groups of dolphins. They were milling and resting in small groups, then joining together and changing their groups. There seemed to be lots of young calves practicing their tail splashes and leaps.

Unfortunately it began to rain at times and the camera cannot be used in the rain. Each time it rained the dolphins traveled alongside the boat with really clear views of their fins. Then when the rain stopped they began leaping and jumping showing off their skills. It is fun to watch the dolphins when they are leaping, but it also makes it difficult to take clear photos. The dolphins are so fast that by the time you take the photo, the leap is over! It can be frustrating.

We did not have too much luck today. We could see lots of black stormy clouds on the southern and northern horizon so we decided to head back to shore. That night it rained really hard and we had hail too. The wind got strong and we knew that the next day wasn't promising much in the way of fine, calm weather!