Formal Assessment Ideas
Have students publish their research online in the Writing Workshop: Research Paper project and post them on your class homepage or publish them in a printed booklet. Encourage students to read one another's submissions.

Students can also present their learning to their peers with a PowerPoint presentation, a poster board, or an oral report for the class.

Informal Assessment Ideas
Assess students as they are involved with class discussions and from their filled out KWL chart. Base your assessment on student participation and discussion. Has the student made connections through the activity and discussions? Has the student filled out thoughtful questions and searched for an answer to those questions?

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Writing Rubric
Use the writing rubric as a way to assess your students' writing skills. This rubric can also serve as a model for a modified version that might include your state's writing standards.

Open Ocean Life Writing Rubric

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Post observation journals and research papers on your class homepage for peer and parent observation.Go Now.
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