Roy Eberhardt
123 Seashell Road
Coconut Cove, FL 33901

January 1, 2006

Governor Jeb Bush
The Capitol
400 S. Monroe St.
Tallahassee, FL 32399

To Whom it May Concern:

Hi. My name is Roy and I attend Trace Middle School. I live in Florida. One of the best things about Florida is all the animals that live here – and some of those animals are endangered. I’m writing to you about my concern that the Mother Paula’s corporation is trying to build a new pancake house where endangered Burrowing Owls live.

Studies show that animals can be injured or killed if their habitat is destroyed. In this case, no protective measures are being taken to keep the Burrowing Owls safe.

Through research, I learned that every big construction project is supposed to create an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to show what changes the project might make to the area. In this case, I don’t believe Mother Paula’s has made an EIS, so they probably don’t know exactly how the construction will affect the area or the animals that live there.

Some people might say a new pancake house will be a nice addition to the community, but there are already two other similar breakfast places within a 10-minute drive. I don’t think another place to get breakfast is a good enough reason to threaten these endangered animals.

In conclusion, I hope you agree with me that the Burrowing Owls are more important than a pancake house and are worth saving! I hope you’ll make Mother Paula’s play by the rules and make their Environmental Impact Statement so everyone can see what will happen to the owls. If we don’t do something to make a change, these animals will be lost forever.


Roy Eberhardt
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