The Invention of Hugo Cabret

Inventing Hugo Cabret

It took Brian Selznick more than two years to write and illustrate The Invention of Hugo Cabret. Listen and watch as he describes what happened along the way.


Greetings from Brian Selznick

Greetings From Brian Selznick (00:44) –
And a little bit about the book.

The Story Behind the Story

The Story Behind the Story (1:32) –
Brian talks about the inspiration behind Hugo Cabret.

Making Faces

Making Faces (1:47) –
Using a mirror to model your own facial expressions.

From Sketch to Final

From Sketch to Final (1:49) –
About the revision process of Hugo Cabret.


Inventing Hugo Cabret Inventing Hugo Cabret (2:19) –
The story of a toy named Hugo and a real boy named Garrett.
A Model and a Haircut A Model and a Haircut (4:43) –
Learn how Brian put an old-fashioned haircut on a modern girl to make Isabelle.
Inside the Walls Inside the Walls of the Station (3:18 ) –
Imagining hidden passages and secret spaces.
Finding an Automaton Finding an Automaton (5:29) –
A visit to a mechanical man in Philadelphia.
A Mechanical Genius A Mechanical Genius (2:28) –
Brian met a man who can really fix clockwork!
A Closer Look A Closer Look (6:20) –
How Brian uses light and detail to help the reader know where to look.
Like a Movie Camera Just Like a Movie Camera (2:51) –
Telling a story through picture sequences rather than words.
Words vs. Pictures Words vs. Pictures (2:57) –
When to show and when to tell.
Seeing and Hearing the Movies Seeing and Hearing the Movies (4:26) –
Brian gets inspiration from silent films and early “talkies.”
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