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Scholastic Recommends: Grades K–3

A Picture Book of Amelia Earhart
by David A. Adler (Grades 1–4)
Great Americans are brought to life in this critically acclaimed series. Each book introduces young readers to another historical figure in a sensitive, accurate, and accessible portrayal. Following each narrative is an author's note with further information, as well as a chronology of important dates in the life of the subject.

A Day in Space
by Jolie Epstein, Suzanne Lord (Grades PreK–2)
This book takes children aboard the Space Shuttle with full-color photographs, an interview with an astronaut, and lots of facts to fuel their space travel fantasies.

Talkin' About Bessie
by Nikki Grimes (Grades K–2)
Take flight with Elizabeth Coleman, the first African-American female pilot.

Scholastic Recommends: Grades 3–5

The Story of Flight: Early Flying Machines, Balloons, Blimps, Gliders, Warplanes, and Jets (Voyages of Discovery) (Grades 3–6)
A set of colorful books, which include illustrations with informative captions, transparencies, foldouts, and reusable stickers.

1000 Facts About Space
by Pam Beasant (Grades 2–6)
Fun and informative, this colorful, oversized book is packed with facts on stars, moons, comets, planets, and more — plus sections on ancient and modern astronomy as well as the future of space exploration.

Lost Star: The Story of Amelia Earhart
by Patricia Lauber (Grades 3–6)
A fascinating look at the life of America's most famous female aviator by the Newbery Honor author.

Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk
by Donald J. Sobol (Grades 3–7)
The story of Orville and Wilbur Wright, who made aviation history at Kitty Hawk.

Scholastic Recommends: Grades 6–8

Usborne Book of Space Facts: Records·Lists·Facts·Comparisons
by Struan Reid (Grades 3–6)
Space is the place for fun facts and discovery in this book that mixes accurate scientific information with enjoyable graphics and "kid-friendly" design.

TimeLiner Collection
(Grades K–12)
1-Computer License + Teacher Workbook
Get a jump on integrating TimeLiner 5.0 into your Social Studies, Science, or Language Arts curriculum with the TimeLiner Collection. This includes TimeLiner 5.0, over 170 ready-made time lines, and the TimeLiner Workshop for Teachers book.

Scholastic Recommends: Professional Books

Scholastic Book Guides: Lost Star, The Story of Amelia Earhart
(Grades 6–9)

  • book summary and author information
  • vocabulary-builders
  • discussion questions
  • reproducible graphic organizers and writing activities
  • effective management ideas for whole class, small group, and independent instruction!
Check Out This Space Decorative Set
(Grades PreK–3 )
This stellar set is perfect for creating an attention-grabbing zone on your classroom wall. Post student work, field trip plans, classroom visitors, and more special things on the bulletin board, bordered with the space-themed trimmer.

Quick & Easy Internet Activities for the One-Computer Classroom: Space
Mary Kay Carson, Grades 3–6
Explore the far reaches of space with this educational, easy to use, and fun program.