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Over 500 years ago a group of Tibetan Buddhists known as the Sherpas moved from Tibet to the Everest region of Nepal in order to be closer to the mountain they hold sacred, Mt. Everest. Well known for their physical strength at high altitudes, Sherpas have historically played key roles in Everest climbing expeditions. Today, Sherpas make up one quarter of the total number of people climbing Mt. Everest. They also account for one third of the lives lost on the mountain. One of the best-known Sherpas was Tenzing Norgay. He and Sir Edmund Hillary were the first men to reach the top of Mt. Everest.

To learn more about Sherpa culture, including traditions and customs, food, jobs, and much more, check out NOVA's site about the Sherpas.

Sherpa Women
Photo: Anne B. Keiser

Sherpa Chlidren
Photo: Anne B. Keiser

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