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How to Use This Project

Can you imagine standing on top of the highest peak of the highest mountain range in the whole world? On May 29, 1953, this dream became a reality for two brave men. For it was on this historic date, after months of battling cold, fierce winds, icy terrain, and high altitude, that Edmund Hillary, a 33-year-old mountaineer and beekeeper from New Zealand, and Tenzing Norgay, a trekking guide from Nepal, became the first people ever to reach the summit of Mt. Everest — the highest mountain in the world!

Scholastic Network proudly presents "Edmund Hillary Conquers Mt. Everest," one project from an exciting series called "My Story." In this series, students learn about the twentieth century's great events from the men and women who lived them!

During "Edmund Hillary Conquers Mt. Everest" your students can experience what it was like to be the first human to stand on top of the world by:

  • Meeting Sir Edmund Hillary himself! Hillary was knighted by the Queen of England for his achievements, and is now the most famous mountain climber on the planet. He has answered a selection of questions from students. Read about what he had to say in our interview with him.

  • Exploring our Edmund Hillary photo album, with its vivid text and images that provide the inside story on Hillary's fascinating life.

  • Learning more about Sir Edmund Hillary, Tenzing Norgay, Sherpas, climbing Mt. Everest, and the Himalayan region from host Whitney Stewart, author of Sir Edmund Hillary: To Everest and Beyond (Lerner).

  • Joining our interactive expedition, which re-creates the historic Everest trek up the daunting mountain. Along the way, delve into "activity packs" filled with discussion starters, and in-class and online projects.

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Notes to Teachers

Curriculum Focus: History/Twentieth Century/Geography/Asia/Adventure

Online Focus:

  • Navigating a Web site
  • Using the Internet for research

Learning Outcomes:
  • Understand the geography, history, and culture of Asia in the region of the Himalayas.
  • Appreciate the progression of intermediate stops that Sir Edmund Hillary and his party had to make before reaching the top of Mt. Everest in 1953.
  • Develop vocabulary and factual knowledge associated with mountain climbing, Sir Edmund Hillary, and his conquest of Mt. Everest.

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