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My Trek to the Top of the World

Journal Entry 1
Begin your journal by describing yourself and why you want to join Hillary's expedition. What are your feelings about going on this trip, knowing the risks that will be involved if you are to succeed?

Journal Entry 2 – March 26, 1953 – Tengpoche Monastery
As you begin your journal, keep in mind that your writing should reflect the knowledge you gain from reading about this expedition. A good writer uses his senses in describing for the reader what he is experiencing. What do you feel as you look at the photo on this page? Include in your diary how it felt to cross the Katmandu Valley.

Journal Entry 3 – April 12, 1953 – Base Camp
How far have you climbed from the Monastery to the Base Camp? Describe why climbing the ice fall is hard. In order to create realistic details, be sure to go to Nova's web site (Navigate the ice fall) to learn more about ice falls. Again, use your senses in your descriptions.

Tell about your training and how it prepared you for the climb. (Be sure to check out the interview with Sir Edmund Hillary to give realistic details to this entry.) What problems might you have at this camp, keeping in mind that you will be here for seven weeks? Why does the expedition establish so many camps? Who stays at which camp?

Journal Entry 4 – April 26, 1953 – Camp IV – 21,200 feet
Pretend you were watching Norgay's rescue of Edmund Hillary. Describe it using exciting details. After reading the profile of Tenzing Norgay, add a few details about him in your journal.

What do you think are the most important traits for a climbing companion to have? Describe a few of your friends who might have come on this journey with you. Be sure to include the traits that would make them good companions for climbing. Make a list here of your 14 team members. (Read what Whitney Stewart says on climbing, and think about why particular people were selected for the Everest team. How does your team of 14 compare to this team?)

Journal Entry 5 – May 26, 1953 – South Col – 26,000
Now you are ready to make your final assault to the summit! Will you fail like many others before you? Read Facts About Mt. Everest and find out how many others have attempted this climb and what happened to them. You can also add details to your story by learning more about how high altitude can make you sick. Read the interview suggested.

Journal Entry 6 – May 28, 1953 – Camp IV – 27,900
Describe your feelings as you approach the summit. What might the conversation be like today in the camp? How have your conditions changed?

Journal Entry 7 – May 29, 1953 – Summit – 29,028
Describe your final climb. To add more suspense and excitement, be sure to read Hillary's interview and visit the Nova site mentioned. What countries could Hillary and Norgay see? Why do you think they stayed on the summit for only 15 minutes?

Final Journal Entry
Discuss your feelings of success and the fears you overcame. Use Hillary's quote to conclude your journal entry. Be sure to cite correctly.

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