Source: These activities are from the September 22, 1997 issue of Scholastic News.

Ways to Celebrate

1. On a map of North, Central, and South America, point out all the countries where Spanish is spoken. Spanish is spoken in all of the following countries and Puerto Rico: Mexico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Guatemala, Panama, Peru, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Paraguay, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Honduras.

2. Identify local or regional place names that may be derived from Spanish. As a class, investigate the reason behind the name.

3. Plan a Latin American festival of foods.

4. As a class, research and perform a folk dance or song from a country in Latin America.

5. Invite a Hispanic guest speaker to class.

6. Read a folktale from a country in Latin America.

7. Read a children's book by a Hispanic author such as Gary Soto, Pat Mjora, or Lulu Delacre.

8. Let children dance to salsa, Latin jazz, or Tejano music.

9. As a class, learn some new words in Spanish. Try learning numbers, the alphabet, and some greetings.