Source: What Should I Write My Report On?

Outstanding Hispanic Americans

Fact 1 Chosen from 2,000 applicants, Dr. Ellen Ochoa (1959-) became the first Hispanic female astronaut.

  • Write a script for a TV show called "This Is Your Life, Ellen Ochoa."
  • With a partner, write and tape-record an interview with another Hispanic adventurer such as Everett Alvarez, Jr., a Navy pilot, or Manuel Lisa, a trader and explorer.
Fact 2 Critics all agreed that the exotic beauty and brilliant technique of Evelyn Cisneros (1958-) made her an outstanding prima ballerina.

  • Write and illustrate a children's biography about the life and accomplishments of Cisneros.
  • Create a comic strip about another Hispanic dancer such as José Limon.
Fact 3 The first time he ran for mayor of San Antonio, Texas, Henry Cisneros (1947–) received 62% of the vote. Running for a second term, he received almost 95% of the vote. In 1993, he became the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development in President Clinton's cabinet.

  • Write an encyclopedia entry about the life and accomplishments of Henry Cisneros.
  • Write a magazine article about another Hispanic governmental official such as Antonia Novello, a U.S. Surgeon General, or Dennis Chavez, the first Hispanic U.S. senator.
Fact 4 "From my earliest days," Pablo Casals (1876–1973) once told a friend, "music was for me an activity as normal as breathing." Casals became a world-famous cellist, composer, and conductor.

  • Tape-record some of Casals' music and as you play it, tell about the major events in his life.
  • Give an oral report on the life of another famous Hispanic creative artist, Louis Agassiz Fuertes.