Source: Culture Kit Mexico

Getting to Know You
Imagine that you are visiting Mexico City. You'll be here for two weeks and you'd like to make some friends your own age. Here are some Spanish words that will help you get started. Practice this conversation with a friend. The column on the right tells you how to pronounce each phrase.

Buenos dias. (Good Morning.) Buay-NOS dee-AHS
¿Cómo estas? (How are you?) KO-mo es-TAS
Muy bien, gracias. (Very well, thank you.) MWEE bee-EN, GRA-see-as
¿Y tú? (How about you?) EE-too
Bien, bien. (I'm fine too.) bee-EN, bee-EN
¿Cómo te llamas? (What is your name?) KO-mo tay YA-mas
Me llamo . (My name is _.) may YAH-mo
¿Dónde vives? (Where do you live?) DON-day VEE-ves
Vivo en _. (I live in .) VEE-vo en
Adios. (Good-bye.) Ah-DE-ohs
Greet a new friend in the afternoon:
Buenas tardes. (Good afternoon.)
Buay-NAHS TAR-des
And in the evening:
Buenas noches. (Good evening.)
Buay-NAHS NO-chess