Source: The Multicultural Game Book

Hit The Penny

Skills: Coordination and aiming skills
Ages: 6 and older
Players: 4 or more
Materials: Broomstick or bamboo pole (12 to 18 inches or 30 to 45 centimeters long), penny for each player, plus one for the stick, outside playing area (if playing indoors prop the stick up in a Christmas-tree stand)

Playing hit the penny

About the Game
This game is popular with Chilean children and is often played outside. With the help of a Christmas-tree stand, the game can be played indoors. The game is a true test of aim.

Playing the Game
1. Bury one end of the stick in the ground so it stands up straight. Mark off a circle around the stick that is approximately 3 feet or 1 meter in diameter (the stick is in the center). Put the penny on top of the stick.
2. Have players stand about five feet from the stick. Taking turns, players try to knock the penny off the stick with their own penny.
3. A point is scored if the penny is knocked off the stick and out of the circle with a player's penny. No points are scored if the penny lands in the circle or isn't knocked off the stick.

Winning the Game
Player with the highest score wins.

Variation of the Game
Children may add to the game by marking off other circles within the one surrounding the stick and assigning these circles their own scores.