Source: These activities are from the September 22, 1997 issue of Scholastic News.

Los milagros
Many people of Hispanic background make icons to represent special wishes they want fulfilled. The fulfilled wish is considered a milagro, which means miracle. Traditionally, these icons have been handcrafted from bone, tin, wood, silver, and gold.


Milagros Are Words for the Future is a countrywide project for Latino children. Children ore encouraged to handcraft their own icons, called milagros, to express personal wishes and goals for the future. Help your children to make a milagro.

Materials: tagboard or construction paper, scissors, glue, markers, crayons or paint, glitter, buttons, fabric scraps, and ribbon; photographs of the children are optional.

Discuss with the children the significance of a milagro. Ask them to think about how they would like their milagro to look. Encourage each child to design their own.

Children can shape the milagro by cutting the tagboard or construction paper any way they would like.

Suggest to the children that they glue a personal photograph or draw a picture of themselves on the front of the milagro. They may wish to add glitter, confetti, buttons, or ribbon to the front.

Encourage students to write a wish for the future on the back. (Very young children may need help with their writing.) Make sure they include their first name, city, state, and age.

Help children make a hole on the top of the milagro and tie a string for hanging.

Display the milagros in your school, library, city hall, or mall. You might organize a reading for the community to hear the children's dreams for the future.