Source: These activities are from the September 22, 1997 issue of Scholastic News.

Scavenger Hunt
How many things of Spanish origin can you find in your community? Follow these easy steps and let the fun begin!

Work in a group. Collect as many of the items on the list as possible.

Look in supermarkets, libraries, newspapers, and magazines.

Put a check mark next to each item your team finds. At the end of two weeks, the team with the most items wins!

__ 1. a picture of a Spanish-speaking person in history
__ 2. a signature from a Spanish-speaking person
__ 3. a news article about a country where people speak Spanish
__ 4. the names of three famous Hispanics (for example, a TV personality, an athlete, and an author)
__ 5. the name and address of an organization in your community that uses Spanish
__ 6. a word in Spanish (Check to make sure it is spelled correctly!)
__ 7. a picture of a fruit that originally came from a Latin American country (banana, tomato, pineapple)
__ 8. a picture of a vegetable that originally came from a Latin American country (potato, pumpkin, corn)
__ 9. a postage stamp from a Spanish-language country
__ 10. two state names that come from Spanish
__ 11. three colors in the Spanish language
__ 12. a coin from Spain or from a Latin American country