Iditarod -- Race Across Alaska
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Lesson 1: Grades K–2
Lesson 2: Grades 3–8
Lesson 3: Grades 4–8
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Teacher's Guide
Bring to life the Iditarod — the annual 1,100-mile dogsled race across Alaska's windswept tundra. Through the features in this activity students gain a first-person perspective of mushers' experiences and follow the progress of the race. Use our recommended lessons and extensions to seize the educational opportunities: explore Alaskan geography, study extreme winter climates, and help students apply research and critical reasoning to a discussion about the treatment of sled dogs.
General Objectives
Students will:
• Create an Iditarod Picture Dictionary based on key terms and concepts
• Explore the geography of Alaska and the Iditarod by navigating an interactive map of the route and competing in a virtual sled race
• Generate questions for champion mushers to learn about their lives and the lives of sled dogs
• Research the checkpoints along the Iditarod and recreate the race in the classroom
• Form opinions on the treatment of sled dogs and express their thoughts in an online poll
• Write persuasive essays on the treatment of sled dogs