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Getting Started

Introduce Program
You want to establish excitement and enthusiasm for the program from the very start.
  • Read the books from past winners
  • Explain the program to the students as a concluding activity to a unit on authors/illustrators or as part of a unit on teaching the elements of story writing.
Form Groups
Discuss and determine interest level of students
  • Will you involve the whole class?
  • Will you select students or let them form their own teams?
  • Do you want to take on several groups or limit it to one?
Focus on Books
  • Read books by a variety of authors and illustrators.
  • Compare and contrast their different styles.
  • Introduce elements of story writing (plot, theme, characters).
  • Which style of writing appeals to them most?
  • Which art medium most intrigues them?
Idea Starters
Use these questions to get your students thinking about possible ideas for their story.

Who? Discuss possible characters to include in the story.
Where? In what setting does the story take place? Are there a variety of settings involved?
When? What is the time period of your story: present day, the future, the past or a combination?
What? What is going to happen in their story? What is the problem or conflict?
Why? What is the purpose of the story: to educate and inform, to entertain, or a combination? What response do you want from the reader: to make them laugh, cry, understand a different view point or opinion?

How is the problem or conflict resolved?