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2003 Winners
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2003 Winners

Kids Are Authors Medallion 2003 Grand Prize Winner Fiction

Picture Perfect? Picture Perfect?

Written and Illustrated by 2nd grade students
Fletcher Walker Elementary
Westwood, California
Coordinator: Patricia Costa
Principal: Henry Bietz

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It's School Picture Day and everyone wants to look perfect! But from getting a new perm, to having a missing tooth, to having your mom pick your clothes, looking your best is not always easy. The simple text and crayon portraits capture the hilarious picture day dilemmas faced by anyone asked to smile for the camera!


Kids Are Authors Medallion 2003 Grand Prize Winner Nonfiction

Animalogies Animalogies: A Collection of Animal Analogies

Written and Illustrated by 4th grade students
Six to Six Interdistrict Magnet School, Cooperative Educational Services
Bridgeport, Connecticut
Coordinator: Kathy Brody
Principal: Leslie Alexander

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Furry is to dog as Slimy is to jellyfish. Analogies have never been so much fun! Bright collage illustrations combine creatures from the animal world with a myriad of colors and shapes to demonstrate this important language pattern. Can you guess the comparison before you turn the page?


2003 Honorable Mentions

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